The most important thing I have learned is that not all paths are the right path, 

that not all paths are permanent. 

Embrace change.

In addition to my other projects, I am also an accomplished nature photographer, specializing in unique, natural lighting. The above photo was taken in Baxter State Park (Millinocket, ME) and can be seen on the Maine Office of Tourism website. 

The photo below was shot at Beavertail State Park (Jamestown, RI) while working as a Park Naturalist. The seagull, who I named Fred, would follow me around the park on my daily rounds.

Meet Kimberly

My name is Kimberly (Manchester) Massaroco and I am a Communications professional by trade, with additional education and background in the General and Social Sciences.

My various Communications-based work history includes stints in Automotive Marketing, Higher Education, and Manufacturing; one thing all of these positions have in common is that I was a member of a hard-working team bent upon achieving more than what was expected of us.

Working at a community college provided me with the opportunity to interact with highly educated faculty members and College Administrators; local and state politicians; and high ranking business people who serve on the college‚Äôs Alumni Board, thus providing me with the soft skills required to work with both students and upper level professionals. Working in Manufacturing has me interacting with everyone from production-level employees to Design Engineers.

My skills-set includes abilities and accomplishments in research, writing, public speaking, and presentation. My commitment to goals, organizational skills, and my ability to clearly communicate in a well-practiced manner have earned me the respect of all whom I interact with on a regular basis.

Although my professional portfolio was destroyed by a flood in 2010, I invite you to view the rest of my paraprofessional portfolio featured on this site.

If you have any questions about my work or my work history, please contact me directly. 


30-Day Photo Project

The original concept of a photo-a-day project for one full year (the 365 Photo Project) was a little daunting, so I chose to do 30 days of photos instead.  Here are a few of my more requested shots; including my absolute favorite: "A Modest Proposal (with apologies to Jonathan Swift)". No filters were used; all colors and lighting are natural.


Four-Year Degrees

B.A. - Women's Studies, University of Rhode Island - 2013
summa cum laude (3.72 GPA)
completed minor in Writing and Rhetoric                      

B.A. - Communications, Rhode Island College - 1997
completed minor in Women's Studies

Two-Year Degrees and Certificates

A.S. - General Science, Community College of Rhode Island - 2010
High Honors (3.72 GPA)   
Honors Program graduate
Marketing Certificate, Cranston Vocational Technical Center - 1991
Outstanding Marketing Student      Outstanding Vocational Student 

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