In Appreciation Of Those Who Understand

June 19, 2013
Last week, I read an amazing Help Wanted ad. I am not saying this because I was lucky enough to be granted an interview; I applied because I loved the ad. Since I am currently employed (at least through November, that is!) I have the luxury of being particular about the jobs to which I apply. Here is a sample of the ad copy...

"...While others may merely say it but these traits really are important to your success in an important marketing role...organized, plays well in the sandbox with others, a doer, a thinker, creative, goes above and beyond, self-motivated, eager to learn, and enthusiastic."

What struck me about this ad - other than the slight levity - it the fact that the company wants applicants to know that they really are looking for someone with all of these traits! What drove me out of Marketing several years ago, in addition to the horrendous economy, was the fact that I was not allowed to think; I was simply expected to know. I was not allowed to create; I was demanded to "do".

What exactly am I saying here? I am saying that original thought and creativity can only be fueled by Mountain Dew and Hershey bars for just so long!
Eventually, a person needs to be allowed to take the time to brainstorm new ideas - things that cannot simply be "known" because nobody has thought of them yet!

Once an idea has been brainstormed, it goes through the creative drafting process - what works, what needs improvement, what needs to be put in the "circular file". I am pretty certain that Jackson Pollock did not just throw some paint on a canvas and say "DONE!" (even if he work does look that way to some); writing is a similar creative process in which a perfect balance must be struck in order to make one's point perfectly clear. When a person knows what they are doing, they can make it look effortless! However, just because something looks effortless does not mean it is. I want to work for a company that not only understands this concept, but appreciates it, too!


The "SOCKS" Moment

May 2, 2013

As a writer, I painstakingly draft my work, edit, and rework it until I start to feel like I am stuck in the cycle of lather; rinse; repeat. Sick of the uncertainty, I set myself the goal of researching my writing process. Putting my Science degree to use, I set up a research project with my writing habits as the center focus and recorded not only my thoughts and musings but the way I went about recording said thoughts and musings. The process of completing a “post-write” after each of my...

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Posts Are On The Way

March 18, 2013
I will freely admit that I added this page as an afterthought, simply to give a sagittal symmetry to the menu bar at the top of the page. I am a perfectionist that way. I do, however, have a process blog, and I will be transferring those files to this page - just as soon as my latest deadline is met! I promise.


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(Exactly) 200 Words About Me

Kimberly Manchester I am Writer, spelled with a capital “W”. This means I have actually made a living off of what I write. Writers are a curious lot. We can go from blocked to 1,000 words an hour in about six seconds, our only inspiration being a looming deadline. People often ask me to share a little about who I am and what makes me tick. I am not certain they truly want to know, but here are my responses just the same:

I can recite the script of Reservoir Dogs word for word. I think this says a lot about me, although I am not sure what it says is entirely accurate. 

I am a study in paradox; an enigma wrapped in a puzzle box. Just when you think you know everything about me, you will discover that you don't. 

I work as a Science tutor at a Community College, and can usually be found in the labs there. I am not squeamish, and will touch anything so long as I am wearing gloves, but am completely unnerved by really bad smells. 

My favorite punctuation mark is the semicolon; you will notice that I use it a lot. 

Have I bored you with the details yet?

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