Thoughts and Scholarly Research

So often, we are afraid to speak our minds for fear of offending someone, but there is a difference between being politically correct and simply being correct.  In the college atmosphere, so many are afraid to express an opinion that differs from their professors for fear that their grade will be marked down.  As a freshman at Rhode Island College, I once quoted Rush Limbaugh as a source to the Director of Women's Studies.  She could have easily humiliated me in front of the entire class, but instead offered me some of the best advice I have ever received: 

"If you are going to have an opinion, 
make it an educated one". 

It was then that I realized the importance of scholarly research and have worked ever since to always back up what I say with reliable, peer reviewed sources. Humility is a great educator.

Political Chatter 

I try to avoid talking politics (ironic, considering that I once ran for public office!), but sometimes it is necessary to voice one's opinion.

Education Editorial.pdf Education Editorial.pdf
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Payday Loan Editorial.pdf Payday Loan Editorial.pdf
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Scientific and Instructional Papers

As a Biology major, I used to do a lot of first-hand research.  This was how I discovered that I dislike laboratory research and would rather be back on the Communications and writing end of the spectrum.

Overcoming the Challenges of Autism.pdf Overcoming the Challenges of Autism.pdf
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Fluoride - Friend or Foe.pdf Fluoride - Friend or Foe.pdf
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Group Think

This next presentation is an example of a group project, and illustrates how I am able to work well with others to achieve a common goal. The presentation appears seamless, but due to a tight deadline (1 week) the project was actually divided into three parts. Each partner researched and prepared their portion of the presentation independently of the other. Good communication was the key to making it happen.
Animal Welfare Presentation.pdf Animal Welfare Presentation.pdf
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Women's (Studies) Work

Women's Studies is not only about improving the lives of women; it is about ending oppression wherever it may exist, regardless of sex or gender. The following PowerPoint presentation is a scholarly review of stuck in place, by Dr. Patrick Sharkey, a longitudinal sociological study about the connection between racial inequality and poverty in America.

stuck in place.pdf stuck in place.pdf
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On April 3, 2012, the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University hosted a conference titled Women Making Democracy, a two-day event at which PhD's from around the world were invited to participate in panel discussions related to the Arab Spring.  Click the link above to read the schedule of events.

The first file attached below is a biographical guide of the speakers and panelists, The second file is my first-person response to the experience of being there, and a summary of my reactions to what I learned.  I am grateful to those who used their smart phones to "tweet" throughout the day; your posts allowed me to correctly quote all speakers without having to miss what was being said next!

Women Making Democracy Guide.pdf Women Making Democracy Guide.pdf
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Women Making Democracy Summary.pdf Women Making Democracy Summary.pdf
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