Technical Writing Projects

Chemistry Tutorials

As an Academic Coach, I could not always be there in person to coach my students. While I was happy to take after-hours phone calls and texts during exam weeks, putting my technical writing skills to use saved me time and allowed my students to work smarter, too. The following tutorials are written for a student audience; as one student put it, "Reading these [tutorials], I feel like you are right here with me coaching me through the problem".

How to figure molarity.docx How to figure molarity.docx
Size : 18.439 Kb
Type : docx
Limiting Reagents.docx Limiting Reagents.docx
Size : 12.928 Kb
Type : docx
How to Figure a Titration.docx How to Figure a Titration.docx
Size : 12.715 Kb
Type : docx
Chemistry Tutorial Exam 1.docx Chemistry Tutorial Exam 1.docx
Size : 42.861 Kb
Type : docx

Technical Marketing Communications 

Biology Marketing Flyer.pdf Biology Marketing Flyer.pdf
Size : 470.692 Kb
Type : pdf
Biology Marketing Tri-Fold.pdf Biology Marketing Tri-Fold.pdf
Size : 474.615 Kb
Type : pdf
Fluoride Pamphlet.pdf Fluoride Pamphlet.pdf
Size : 1008.082 Kb
Type : pdf

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