The back-story that everyone wants to know about 

America's Favorite Advice Giving Cat!

The History of Ask Tazi!

Ask Tazi! started as a "clubhouse blog"; a writing assignment that required me to design the type of blog that would interest others and develop a regular following.  For my clubhouse blog, I chose to follow a silly little dream that I have had since Ann Landers passed away: I would write an advice column.  The only problem with this idea was my fear that nobody would write to me!  Just then, my cat – Tazi, who had been emphatically meowing for a treat – jumped up onto my laptop computer and started pawing at the keys. I then realized that many people talk to their pets and, like me, wish their pets could answer them. Inspiration struck! I had found the public face to my advice column, and Ask Tazi! was born.  

The project was only supposed to run for a few weeks, but developed such a following that I continued to write and publish it.  Ask Tazi! ran new content six days a week, Monday - Saturday, with an opinion feature Tazi's Corner running on Sundays, through December 2014.

Sadly, Tazi-Kat passed away from congestive heart failure on August 28, 2019 at the age of 16 (that's 95 in human years). Click here to read his final goodbye.

The "author" relaxing at home

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